What is a MIAM session? Do I need one? | Mills Mediation
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Mills Mediation


Dispute Resolution

MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) are initial options meetings designed to give clients information about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution available to them. Only accredited family mediators like myself can conduct MIAM meetings.

In the meeting I will explain the following:

  • the options available to the parties in their particular circumstances
  • what mediation is, and how it works
  • the likely costs of using mediation
  • eligibility for legal aid
  • the benefits of mediation and other appropriate forms of resolving disputes

It is now compulsory before issuing proceedings at Court for Financial Remedy Proceedings or Children Act Proceedings to attend a MIAM meeting.

If mediation is not deemed suitable following the meeting, then I am able to sign the appropriate documentation for you / your solicitor to progress your application to the Court as the Courts must have evidence that mediation has been discussed as a method of resolving difficulties prior to issuing an application.

Financial Remedy Proceedings
Mills Mediation