What is Mediation? How can it help? | Mills Mediation
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Mills Mediation


Resolving Family Disputes

Family Mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes. It involves a series of confidential sessions between clients (typically a separating or separated couple) and the mediator who is a neutral third party.

Sessions are designed to discuss and find solutions to the numerous issues that arise on the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. If there are children, they are the priority and are therefore put at the fore-front of any discussions.

Other issues which can be discussed are the divorce proceedings, separation of finances and property, improving communication and co-parenting arrangements.

The mediation process is managed carefully. After an initial assessment meeting with both clients, we will arrange the first joint session.

In that session, we will discuss and narrow the issues that need to be addressed. It may take 1 session or 4-5 sessions depending on the range and complexity of the issues that you need to resolve. At the end of each session, I will provide a summary of what we have discussed.

When the final session has concluded, I will prepare a clear and detailed document called a Memorandum of Understanding which will record what has been agreed between you. If a division of the finances has been considered I will also produce and an Open Financial Statement summarising the financial disclosure information. The drafting of final documents is charged at my hourly rate.

The Mediation Process
Mills Mediation